Positive Thinking Spinner (Kids)

Children are asked to cut out and create a Positive Thinking Spinner. They complete the question that comes up on the spinner. Children are also asked to identify people they know in their lives who are positive thinkers. (1122, positive thinking)

Emotions Poster

You can use this poster to help children identify and express their feelings. (1022. emotions, emotional intelligence, feelings)

Childhood Trauma Symptom Checklist

This checklist can be used to keep track of symptoms that a child might be exhibiting due to trauma. The checklist asks a parent or caregiver to rate symptoms once a week on a 3-point scale. (0622, trauma, symptoms, PTSD, assessment)

Unload Your Problem Backpack (Kids and Teens)

This worksheet asks kids and teens to think about the problems, worries, and upsetting emotions that are “weighing them down.” It uses the metaphor of a Problem Background to help kids and teens identify the thoughts and feelings that are causing them problems and how to let them go. (0622 , depression, anxiety)

Let’s Have a Laugh (Kids)

Humor is an important emotional intelligence skill and an important part of making and keeping friends. This worksheet asks children to jokes according to which are funny and which are not. It also asks them to write down jokes that they think are funny. (0222, humor, fun, play, emotional intelligence, social skills)

The Galaxy of Feelings (Kids)

This worksheet helps children learn to match different feelings with different facial expressions. (0621. Feelings, emotional communication, empathy)

Imagine the Problem is Already Solved

This Solution-Oriented Therapy technique is designed to help motivate people to solve their problems. (problem-solving, solution-oriented therapy, resilience, 0221)

Pay It Forward Cards

These cards remind people to think about others and look for opportunities for random acts of kindness. (empathy, social connection, 0819)

Understanding Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors (Children)

This packet includes seven worksheets to help children talk about their the issues that are bothering them. (0619, CBT)

Being Yourself (Children)

This worksheet is designed to encourage resiliency in children. It reminds them that even when times are difficult, with lots of things changing around them, they still have inner strengths. (0319)

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