Meditations for Kids

This book contains 15 meditations for children to help them learn to self-calm, focus, reduce angry outbursts, self-regulate emotions, and increase emotional awareness. Each meditation has an audio link and a transcript of the meditation if you would prefer to read it to a child. (0923. self-calm, anger management, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness)

Balloon Meditation (Child)

This 9-minute audio can help children relax and feel secure by visualizing their favorite place while on an adventure with a red balloon. The worksheet comes with a transcript of the audio so that if you prefer, it can be read to a child. (0923, relaxation, anxiety, stress, anger, emotional regulation)

Train Your Anger Dragon Relaxation Script (child)

This 11-minute audio can help children calm down and relax when they are angry. It includes a transcript of the audio in case you would prefer to read it to a child. (0823, anger, behavior problems)

Rainbow Relaxation Meditation (audio for children)

This 16-minute audio helps children learn the skill of visualization to relax when they are stressed or anxious. (0723, stress, anxiety, trauma, anger control)

Secret Garden Meditation (child)

This 8-minute audio meditation is designed to help children fall asleep. A transcript is included if parents prefer to read the meditation to their children. (0723, meditation, sleep problems, nightmares)

Things That Make You Happy (Kids)

This worksheet asks children to think about anything that makes them happy. (0723, depression, grief, healing)