Social Skills
Catch Me Being Good

This positive discipline game includes a board game that teaches children the importance of good behavior as well as a behavioral system that can be used by parents to promote good behavior. The program includes the board game, Good Behavior Bucks, and a Rewards Penny Pitch. (1123, behavior program, positive discipline, anger control, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD)

Train Your Anger Dragon Relaxation Script (child)

This 11-minute audio can help children calm down and relax when they are angry. It includes a transcript of the audio in case you would prefer to read it to a child. (0823, anger, behavior problems)

Getting Along with Others Card Game (Kids)

You can cut out and assemble the 50 card decks in this deck in minutes and play it with individual children, or groups of children, or assign it to families. Each card describes a conflict children are having, and players must come up with a good compromise to the conflict. The game is most effective when played with an adult who models problem-solving, respect for others, and empathy. A digital version of this game is available in the Virtual Counseling Rooms. (0823, conflict resolution, social skills, anger control)

Help People Feel Great! (Kids)

This worksheet asks kids to think about the importance of giving compliments to others. (0723. friends, social skills)

Planning Activities with Friends (Chart)

This chart asks children to plan activities with one or more friends. It also asks them to think about the best time for the activity and how they will invite the other child. (0223, social skills, friend-making, friends)

The Teasing Thermometer (Kids)

This activity sheet asks children to rate four scenes of kids being teens on a 1 to 10 scale. Then children are asked to describe and rate the last time they were teased. (0923. teasing, bullying, social skills)

Good Behavior at a Performance (Kids)

This worksheet helps children learn the importance of behaving well at a performance. (1222, behavior, ADHD, ASD)

Making Good Choices (Kids)

This worksheet teaches children the importance of making good choices. (1222, decisions, problem-solving)

Emotions Poster

You can use this poster to help children identify and express their feelings. (1022. emotions, emotional intelligence, feelings)

Thinking About Trust (Children)

This worksheet helps children understand the nature of trust.  It asks them to identify people with whom they feel safe; people who are on their side; people who encourage them; and people with whom they can be themselves.  It’s a great opportunity to talk to children about trust and what it means. (0822, trust, trauma)

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