Grief And Loss
Emotional Intelligence Notes (Kids)

Each note encourages children to use emotional and social skills to help them be more resilient in the face of everyday problems. On the back side of each note, parents can write personal words of encouragement. (1123. emotional intelligence, EQ, resilience, behavior)

Feelings Jar

Kids and teens can use this jar to express their feelings. (1023. emotional regulation, feelings, communication)

Rainbow Relaxation Meditation (audio for children)

This 16-minute audio helps children learn the skill of visualization to relax when they are stressed or anxious. (0723, stress, anxiety, trauma, anger control)

Things That Make You Happy (Kids)

This worksheet asks children to think about anything that makes them happy. (0723, depression, grief, healing)

Childhood Trauma Symptom Checklist

This checklist can be used to keep track of symptoms that a child might be exhibiting due to trauma. The checklist asks a parent or caregiver to rate symptoms once a week on a 3-point scale. (0622, trauma, symptoms, PTSD, assessment)

Unload Your Problem Backpack (Kids and Teens)

This worksheet asks kids and teens to think about the problems, worries, and upsetting emotions that are “weighing them down.” It uses the metaphor of a Problem Background to help kids and teens identify the thoughts and feelings that are causing them problems and how to let them go. (0622 , depression, anxiety)

Helping Your Child Cope with a Loss

This worksheet is designed to give parents an overview of things they should do, and not do, in helping their children cope with a significant loss.  It includes a family drawing activity to children talk about their feelings. (0322, loss, grief, mourning)

Helping Children Cope with Loss

This worksheet encourages adults to follow the CHILD technique to help children who have experienced a loss. The acronym stands for: Consider, Honesty, Involve, Listen, and Do It Again.

Learning to Relax When You Are Upset

This worksheet is intended to help children who have difficulty expressing their feelings and are prone to experiencing stomachaches. headaches and other physical problems when they are upset. The worksheet teaches a simple breathing relaxation technique and also suggests other ways children can deal with difficult feelings. (depression, relaxation techniques, breathing, health anxiety, 0630)

Thinking About Emotions Game

This worksheet is designed to help people think and talk about their feelings. Players pitch a penny on the worksheet and then talk about the feeling where the penny lands. The game can be played in a small group or even by an individual. (emotional intelligence, depression, communication, social skills, 0317)