Asperger Syndrome
10 Things to Do When You’re Angry (Kids)

This workbook for kids teaches techniques to help children under their anger and express it appropriately. Techniques include identifying anger triggers, talking about feelings rather than acting on them, becoming aware of when their anger “temperature” rises, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, and so on. (0224. anger control, emotional regulation, temper tantrums)

Becoming More Independent

This worksheet for children ages 8-12 is designed to help them become independent. Independence training has been shown to be one of the most important elements in treating children with anxiety disorders. (1123. anxiety, separation anxiety, GAD)

Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages (Kids)

Kids will love these 22 coloring pages and it’s a great activity for self-calming combined with self-esteem. When adults color with a child, they present an opportunity to talk about the kinds of behaviors and decisions that build self-confidence and self-worth. (0923, depression, ADHD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Classroom Rules

This worksheet asks children to write down the 5 most important rules in the classroom. A great way to start a discussion about the importance of rules in the classroom and elsewhere. (0823. behavior problems, ADHD, ASD)

Understanding the Feelings of Others (Kids)

This worksheet asks children to identify the feelings of 5 different animals. It’s a good way to start a conversation about looking at facial expressions and body language. (0723, empathy, feelings, behavior)

Planning Activities with Friends (Chart)

This chart asks children to plan activities with one or more friends. It also asks them to think about the best time for the activity and how they will invite the other child. (0223, social skills, friend-making, friends)

Good Behavior at a Performance (Kids)

This worksheet helps children learn the importance of behaving well at a performance. (1222, behavior, ADHD, ASD)

Positive Thinking Spinner (Kids)

Children are asked to cut out and create a Positive Thinking Spinner. They complete the question that comes up on the spinner. Children are also asked to identify people they know in their lives who are positive thinkers. (1122, positive thinking)

Emotions Poster

You can use this poster to help children identify and express their feelings. (1022. emotions, emotional intelligence, feelings)

Practicing Good Manners (Kids and Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help children understand the importance of having good manners in the home. It lists some important manners to show others that you consider their feelings. Questions ask kids and teens to consider how they would react in appropriate ways. (0422, ASD, ADHD, manners, behavior)

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