Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages (Kids)

Kids will love these 22 coloring pages and it’s a great activity for self-calming combined with self-esteem. When adults color with a child, they present an opportunity to talk about the kinds of behaviors and decisions that build self-confidence and self-worth. (0923, depression, ADHD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Classroom Rules

This worksheet asks children to write down the 5 most important rules in the classroom. A great way to start a discussion about the importance of rules in the classroom and elsewhere. (0823. behavior problems, ADHD, ASD)

Train Your Anger Dragon Relaxation Script (child)

This 11-minute audio can help children calm down and relax when they are angry. It includes a transcript of the audio in case you would prefer to read it to a child. (0823, anger, behavior problems)

Help People Feel Great! (Kids)

This worksheet asks kids to think about the importance of giving compliments to others. (0723. friends, social skills)

Behavior Chart

IMPORTANT: This chart is in PNG (image) form. To make an editable PDF, click the SEND/EDIT button and modify it and download it from the Psychology Forms Filler. To use as an image (i.e. for the Virtual Counseling Room), click VIEW/PRINT to open it and then right-click your mouse and select “Save As” to download to your computer. (0623. behavior, ADHD)

Personal Hygiene Chart (Kids)

This behavior chart can be used to help children learn and practice good hygiene like washing their hands, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, and so on. (0323, behavior, social skills, hygiene)

Planning Activities with Friends (Chart)

This chart asks children to plan activities with one or more friends. It also asks them to think about the best time for the activity and how they will invite the other child. (0223, social skills, friend-making, friends)

The Teasing Thermometer (Kids)

This activity sheet asks children to rate four scenes of kids being teens on a 1 to 10 scale. Then children are asked to describe and rate the last time they were teased. (0923. teasing, bullying, social skills)

Good Behavior at a Performance (Kids)

This worksheet helps children learn the importance of behaving well at a performance. (1222, behavior, ADHD, ASD)

Making Good Choices (Kids)

This worksheet teaches children the importance of making good choices. (1222, decisions, problem-solving)

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