Children learn best through play and we’ve kept this in mind while designing these original therapeutic activities for children, including worksheets, stories, and therapy games. Print these tools out for use in the home or classroom or use them in a counseling session.

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10 Things to Do When You’re Angry (Kids)

This workbook for kids teaches techniques to help children under their anger and express it appropriately. Techniques include identifying anger triggers, talking about feelings rather than acting on them, becoming aware of when their anger “temperature” rises, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, and so on. (0224. anger control, emotional regulation, temper tantrums)

Affirmation Bookmarks (Kids)

These 24 affirmation bookmarks are intended to build self-confidence and self-esteem. (1223, self-esteem, affirmations, self-confidence)

Emotional Intelligence Notes (Kids)

Each note encourages children to use emotional and social skills to help them be more resilient in the face of everyday problems. On the back side of each note, parents can write personal words of encouragement. (1123. emotional intelligence, EQ, resilience, behavior)

Becoming More Independent

This worksheet for children ages 8-12 is designed to help them become independent. Independence training has been shown to be one of the most important elements in treating children with anxiety disorders. (1123. anxiety, separation anxiety, GAD)

Catch Me Being Good

This positive discipline game includes a board game that teaches children the importance of good behavior as well as a behavioral system that can be used by parents to promote good behavior. The program includes the board game, Good Behavior Bucks, and a Rewards Penny Pitch. (1123, behavior program, positive discipline, anger control, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD)

Feelings Jar

Kids and teens can use this jar to express their feelings. (1023. emotional regulation, feelings, communication)

Keep Your Focus Maze (Children)

This maze is intended to help kids look ahead to solve a maze. It is also designed to open a conversation on distractions and how to focus on a task even when there are many distractions present. (1023, ADHD, focus, attention, distractions)

Meditations for Kids

This book contains 15 meditations for children to help them learn to self-calm, focus, reduce angry outbursts, self-regulate emotions, and increase emotional awareness. Each meditation has an audio link and a transcript of the meditation if you would prefer to read it to a child. (0923. self-calm, anger management, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness)

Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages (Kids)

Kids will love these 22 coloring pages and it’s a great activity for self-calming combined with self-esteem. When adults color with a child, they present an opportunity to talk about the kinds of behaviors and decisions that build self-confidence and self-worth. (0923, depression, ADHD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Balloon Meditation (Child)

This 9-minute audio can help children relax and feel secure by visualizing their favorite place while on an adventure with a red balloon. The worksheet comes with a transcript of the audio so that if you prefer, it can be read to a child. (0923, relaxation, anxiety, stress, anger, emotional regulation)

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