Are You Self-Compassionate?

This worksheet is designed to help people evaluate how self-compassionate they are and how they can treat themselves difficulty tough times.   The scale measures self-compassion on a 100 point scale. (0122, self-compassion, depression, Bipolar, anxiety)

Using the Belief-O-Meter to See That All Thoughts Are Not Facts

This worksheet is designed to help teens understand that just because they think something is real, that doesn’t mean it is a fact.  This cognitive-restructuring technique can be used to help teens deal with fears and anxiety. (2021, fears, anxiety, cognitive restructuring, CBT)

Your Most Important Assignment Is YOU Teen Workbook

This workbook is designed to help teens learn a variety of mental health skills to deal with anxiety and depression, as well as other common mental health problems.

Why Am I So Sad? (Teen)

This worksheet helps teens understand that sadness is a normal emotion and that if it continues over a period of time, they can find ways to cope with it, particularly with the help of concerned adults. (0621, sadness, depression, teen problems, middle school)

Developing Your Growth Mindset

This worksheet is designed to help people understand a “growth mindset,” staying positive even in the face of obstacles or mistakes. It helps people differentiate between self-statements that hold them back compared to self-statements that keep them moving forward. (0621, growth mindset, positive thinking, simple solutions)

Are You Bored? (Teens)

This worksheet helps teens think about how they can use times when they are bored to do productive and fulfilling activities. (0621, depression, anxiety)

Becoming Aware of Your Upsetting Thoughts & Feelings

This worksheet helps people examine their upsetting thoughts and feelings rather than trying to avoid them. (0621, anxiety, worry, avoidance, simple solutions)

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand the importance of getting enough sleep. It gives people strategies to get more sleep and a form to record their sleeping habits for a week.

Writing Your Depression Story

This worksheet is designed to help people think about their depression and share their thoughts and feelings with someone they trust. (0421, depression)

What Would You Like Your Life to Look Like?

This worksheet asks people to think about their personal strengths, dreams, goals, and the supportive people in their lives. Considering these things, it then asks them to think how they can shape their life in the future. This worksheet may be particularly helpful to teens and young adults. (0321, life goals, coaching, depression)