Activity Books
Cancer Care Journal

This journal is designed to support people throughout their cancer treatment journey, offering people coping with cancer a tool to help them organize their thoughts and track their experiences. This journal can assist people in addressing different facets of their journey, including emotional, physical, and practical considerations. Each page has dedicated sections designed to record essential information. (0224. cancer, treatment, oncology)

The Positivity Journal

This journal is designed to use the principles of positive psychology to help people develop a more optimistic view of the world. The daily worksheets are designed to help people identify their mood, develop the habit of gratitude, pay attention to positive events, and work towards their goals. The Journal consists of 31 pages for a month’s worth of entries. (0224, positive psychology, daily journal, optimism, CBT).

The Motivation Workbook

This workbook has 20 techniques to help people find the motivation they need to change. Motivation is a much more complex issue than most people, involving at least 12 areas of the brain. This workbook goes well beyond popular psychology concepts of visualization and affirmations, using evidenced-based techniques the workbook helps people set goals, increase flow experiences, improve self-efficacy, overcome doubt, and more. (0823. resistance, change, therapeutic alliance)

Tracking Your Compulsive Activities

This form makes it easy for people to track compulsive activities associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People are asked to rate a variety of activities on a 1 to 5 scale reflecting how much the compulsion impacts their lives. (0623. OCD, rating scale, impairment, compulsive behavior, compulsion)

Help for The Holidays

This workbook contains 15 worksheets to help clients who are struggling with holiday problems like loneliness, family estrangement, depression, and more. (1222, holidays, stress, depression, drinking problems)

Make Kindness the Norm Activity Book

This workbook is from the creative people at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. It contains dozens of ideas and activities. (RAOK, kindness, 0420)

Mindful Coloring

Mindful coloring is a simple way to teach the benefits of mindful meditation. This coloring book includes an introduction about the basic premise of mindfulness and 11 coloring pages. PDF (mindfulness, ACT, DBT, 0416).


This ebook contains 52 engaging worksheets based in narrative therapy, art therapy, and solution-oriented therapy. (art therapy, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, 0616)