Assignment Books
The Values Journal

This 60-page journal encourages people to explore their values and how they affect their day-to-day choices and behaviors. This is a great way to combine the techniques of values clarification and journaling. The journal can either be downloaded and printed out or filled out online using our Psychology Forms Filler or Virtual Counseling Rooms. (0224, journal, ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Bullying Stops Here (Teens)

Written by a teen for teens, this workbook takes a uniquely personal approach to helping teens understand and cope with bullying. There are worksheets on building self-esteem, dealing with stress, making new friends, building resilience, and much more. (0923, bullying, conflict resolution, social skills, assertive)

Getting Over Breaking Up

This workbook contains 25 techniques to help people heal and move on after a difficult break-up. The techniques are rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, including DBT and ACT techniques. The workbook teaches people coping skills, how to tolerate upsetting feelings, how to build a support system, how to manage anger, and more. (0823. divorce, break-up, relationships)

The Motivation Workbook

This workbook has 20 techniques to help people find the motivation they need to change. Motivation is a much more complex issue than most people, involving at least 12 areas of the brain. This workbook goes well beyond popular psychology concepts of visualization and affirmations, using evidenced-based techniques the workbook helps people set goals, increase flow experiences, improve self-efficacy, overcome doubt, and more. (0823. resistance, change, therapeutic alliance)

Embrace Your Reflection: A Body Image Workbook for Teen Girls

Written by a teen with a firsthand understanding of the pressures on teenage girls, this workbook presents a variety of easy-to-use exercises to help teens accept their bodies. The workbook includes 30 different techniques, including affirmations, diary sheets, coping skills, and more. 44 pages (0823, body dysmorphia, body image, eating disorder, anorexia)

Measuring Psychological Change

40 Forms for Tracking and Understanding Client Progress

Managing Executive Functioning Problems – Workbook

Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills that are essential for engaging in goal-directed behavior, planning, solving problems, prioritizing, decision-making, sustaining attention, and developing emotional regulation. The workbook includes 20 worksheets that address executive functioning, including inhibition, cognitive flexibility, planning and organization, and more. The workbook can be given as a whole to a client or individual worksheets can be extracted using the Psychology Forms Filler. (0623, ADD, Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, executive dysfunction)

The Trauma Recovery Workbook: 20 Techniques to Help You Move Forward After a Trauma

This workbook is designed to help people learn new ways to recover from trauma. It includes worksheets on understanding how trauma affects the body, talking about the trauma, understanding boundaries, developing learned optimism, and much more. (0423, trauma, PTSD)

Finding Hope: A Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Depression

This workbook contains 12 activities to help teens understand their depression and develop skills to find hope, manage stress, reach out to others, and more. (0223, depression)

Help for The Holidays

This workbook contains 15 worksheets to help clients who are struggling with holiday problems like loneliness, family estrangement, depression, and more. (1222, holidays, stress, depression, drinking problems)