Understanding and Addressing Burnout

This worksheet explains the different causes of feelings of “burnout” and provides a checklist that helps people identify the physical, emotional, and behavioral signs that they are being affected by this problem. It goes on to help people identify where their stress is coming from and develop short and long-term goals to address the problems contributing to their burnout. (0823, work stress, family stress, burnout)

Energy and Fatigue Tracking Log

This tracking log is designed to help people gain insight into their energy levels and fatigue patterns, providing valuable information for understanding their overall well-being. By monitoring and tracking energy fluctuations throughout the day, people can identify potential factors that may be impacting their mental and physical health. The log can also be useful in treating depression and eating disorders. (0823, eating disorder, depression)

Flow State Meditation (Audio)

This 7-minute audio is designed to help people get into a state of flow, where even hard work can seem effortless. The ability to achieve a flow state readily can be a key to alleviating depressive symptoms. The worksheet includes a transcript of the audio. (0723, happiness, depression_

Grit Meditation

Grit is a personality trait defined as the passion and perseverance to achieve long-term goals. Grit essentially embodies the concepts of resilience, determination, tenacity, and endurance. This 9-minute audio is designed to help people focus on and foster their grit. (0723, resilience, wellness, success)

Acceptance and Allowance Meditation (audio)

This 6-minute audio is designed to help people increase their ability to accept situations and challenges in their lives. (0623, ACT, meditation, acceptance)

Exploring Your Inner Parts: An Internal Family Systems Worksheet

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic approach developed by Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. It is based on the idea that the mind is composed of multiple “parts” or distinct aspects of self, each with its own perspectives, intentions, and beliefs. This worksheet is an introduction to this approach explaining the different internal parts we all have, as well as a framework for creating a dialogue between the parts. Questions are intended to help people understand how their inner parts are affecting their day-to-day lives. (0623. depression, self-compassion, insight, relationships)

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child

Inner child healing is a therapeutic process that involves addressing and resolving emotional wounds, traumas, and unmet needs from your childhood. This worksheet takes people through a process of visualizing their younger selves, thinking about challenging emotions or experiences from their childhood, creating a timeline of important events, developing a conversation with their inner child, and more. (0623. depression, bipolar, introspection, insight, trauma)

Building Cognitive Flexibility

This worksheet is designed to help clients develop cognitive flexibility by reducing rigidity, redirecting thoughts, and developing empathy. (0623, ADHD, cognitive flexibility, self-regulation, executive functioning, rigid thinking, empathy, problem-solving)

Developing Metacognition

This worksheet is designed to help clients develop metacognitive thinking, along with self-regulation, to help them choose, monitor, and evaluate how they approach tasks. It helps them measure progress and transfer learning and information to different contexts and tasks, increasing awareness of strengths and challenges. (0623, ADHD, metacognition, thinking, self-regulation, executive functioning, memory, problem-solving)

Learned Optimism A.D.V.E.R.S.E. Events Log

This worksheet teaches the A.D.V.E.R.S.E. model developed by Martin Seligman to teach clients a realistic and optimistic style of thinking. The acronym stands for adversity, beliefs, consequence, disputation, and energization. The worksheet includes a chart for people to use for a two-week period to help change negative and pessimistic thoughts into realistic/optimistic thoughts. (0523, depression, learned optimism)

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