Using the SCAMPER Problem-Solving Technique to Increase Creative Thinking

The SCAMPER problem-solving technique encourages people to use their imagination and creativity to generate new ideas. The method includes 7 phases of exploring solutions.  The worksheet takes the user through the 7 steps with in-depth questions. (0123, problem-solving)

Creating Lasting Adult Friendships

This worksheet emphasizes the importance of strong adult friendships for emotional and physical health.  It has 12 suggestions to build strong friendships followed by questions to help people reflect on the ways they make and keep friends.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to record the activities they undertake to foster friendships. (1222, relationships, friendships, loneliness, depression)

Coping with Panic Attacks Meditation (Audio)

This 11-minute audio was created to help people cope when they are having a panic attack. (1222, anxiety, panic disorder, relaxation techniques, audio)

Help for The Holidays

This workbook contains 15 worksheets to help clients who are struggling with holiday problems like loneliness, family estrangement, depression, and more. (1222, holidays, stress, depression, drinking problems)

Do You Feel Like You Have Failed Yourself?

This worksheet is designed for people who are down on themselves because they have not accomplished all that they wanted. The worksheet helps people see that this attitude is not at all helpful to their well-being and gives them 10 strategies to overcome their habit of self-criticism. (1222, depression, self-esteem, negative thinking)

Identifying Cognitive Distortions

This worksheet teaches clients the technique of cognitive restructuring. The different kinds of cognitive distortions are explained and then clients are asked to keep a chart where they identify their automatic thoughts and substitute more realistic alternative thoughts. (1222. CBT. cognitive restructuring thought changing)

Develop the Habit of Relaxation

This worksheet is designed to help people develop a daily habit of relaxation to reduce stress and improve their physical and mental health. The worksheet suggests various relaxation activities and includes a chart to help people keep track of them. (1222. relaxation response, stress reduction)

Learning Contentment – Mindfulness Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help people explore the meaning of contentment. (1122, mindfulness, happiness)

Using a Thought Diary

This 7-column form is designed to help people keep track of the situations and thoughts that cause them distress and create “rebuttals” to thoughts that are dysfunctional. The form is frequently used in CBT therapies for anxiety disorders and depression. (1122, anxiety, exposure therapy, CBT, dysfunctional thinking, emotional regulation)

Tracking Your Triggers

This tracking tool helps your clients identify and track the triggers that precede their problem behaviors. The chart lets clients track up to 8 triggers for an entire month. (1122, anxiety, data recording, assessment, depression, addiction, emotional regulation)

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