Self Injury
Stop Punishing Yourself

This worksheet talks about the various kind of self-punishment including physical and emotional self-punishment. Physical self-punishment includes cutting and burning, to excessive burning, sleep deprivation, and more. Psychological self-punishment can range from not letting others help you when you need it to forcing yourself to overwork.  The worksheet offers six strategies to overcome self-punishment including a chart to record healthy coping behaviors. (0122, self-harm, self-injury, negative self-image)

Start the Day Right Journal

This journal consists of prompts to focus people on the day ahead, including thoughts on gratitude, goals, body and mind, etc. The journal consists of 31 pages for a month’s worth of entries. (1222, journal, wellness, positive psychology)

Identifying Cognitive Distortions

This worksheet teaches clients the technique of cognitive restructuring. The different kinds of cognitive distortions are explained and then clients are asked to keep a chart where they identify their automatic thoughts and substitute more realistic alternative thoughts. (1222. CBT. cognitive restructuring thought changing)

Using a Thought Diary

This 7-column form is designed to help people keep track of the situations and thoughts that cause them distress and create “rebuttals” to thoughts that are dysfunctional. The form is frequently used in CBT therapies for anxiety disorders and depression. (1122, anxiety, exposure therapy, CBT, dysfunctional thinking, emotional regulation)

Tracking Your Triggers

This tracking tool helps your clients identify and track the triggers that precede their problem behaviors. The chart lets clients track up to 8 triggers for an entire month. (1122, anxiety, data recording, assessment, depression, addiction, emotional regulation)

Walking in the Forest (Audio)

This 10-minute audio was created to help people cope when they are feeling anxious or stressed. (0922, anxiety, relaxation techniques, audio)

Progressive Relaxation (Audio)

This 31-minute audio created by Dartmouth Health Service will people cope when they are feeling anxious or stressed. (0822, anxiety, relaxation techniques)

Self-Compassion Break (Audio)

This audio was written and recorded by Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the study and application of self-compassion. It runs just over 5 minutes and is a great daily reminder of the importance of this resiliency skill. (0822, self-compassion, self-care, meditation)

Creating Your Safe Place

This 20-minute audio was developed for clients who have a history of trauma. It combines the techniques of mindful awareness, visualization, and progressive relaxation. (trauma, PTSD, stress response, relaxation techniques, visualization, audio, 0822)

The Mindfulness Workbook

This workbook contains 12 worksheets that teach important mindful practices including letting go, being positive, staying in the present, mindful breathing, having healthy boundaries, and more.

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