Building Cognitive Flexibility

This worksheet is designed to help clients develop cognitive flexibility by reducing rigidity, redirecting thoughts, and developing empathy. (0623, ADHD, cognitive flexibility, self-regulation, executive functioning, rigid thinking, empathy, problem-solving)

Developing Metacognition

This worksheet is designed to help clients develop metacognitive thinking, along with self-regulation, to help them choose, monitor, and evaluate how they approach tasks. It helps them measure progress and transfer learning and information to different contexts and tasks, increasing awareness of strengths and challenges. (0623, ADHD, metacognition, thinking, self-regulation, executive functioning, memory, problem-solving)

Managing Executive Functioning Problems – Workbook

Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills that are essential for engaging in goal-directed behavior, planning, solving problems, prioritizing, decision-making, sustaining attention, and developing emotional regulation. The workbook includes 20 worksheets that address executive functioning, including inhibition, cognitive flexibility, planning and organization, and more. The workbook can be given as a whole to a client or individual worksheets can be extracted using the Psychology Forms Filler. (0623, ADD, Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, executive dysfunction)

Overcoming Your Intense Fear of Rejection

This worksheet helps clients that struggle with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), a condition where they experience an intense fear of rejection or criticism. They are extremely sensitive to what others say or think about them, even in situations where they are not actually being rejected. This sensitivity can cause them to feel emotional distress, such as sadness, anger, or anxiety, and they may frequently worry about being judged or rejected. RSD affects their relationships, self-esteem, and overall well-being. (0523, rejection, ADHD, criticism, anxiety disorders)

Focus and Attention Meditation

This 11-minute meditation is designed to help people learn to focus even when distracted by upsetting thoughts and emotions. The worksheet includes a transcript of the audio for clients to highlight important points to remember and a chart to record when the meditation was used and how it affected the person’s mood. (0523, ADHD, executive functioning, focus, attention)

Creating Mental Images to Help You Focus

Some people may have mild difficulty with mental imagery, while others may be unable to visualize anything. Aphantasia is a condition where people are unable to visualize images in their minds, making it difficult to daydream, picture how to solve a math problem, remember faces, or recall information and memories. This worksheet can help people learn to use mental imagery to recall information and memories. (0523, ADHD, executive functioning, memory, cognitive style)

Improving Inhibitory Control

This worksheet is designed to help people suppress dysfunctional automatic responses in favor of more appropriate ones. It is designed to help people get control of their impulsivity. The worksheet presents different five scenarios where impulsivity could be a problem and give ideas on how people can gain self-control. It then asks people to write down their own scenarios where impulsivity has been a problem and come up with new behavioral strategies. (0523, ADHD, impulse control, self-control)

Cognitive Flexibility Inventory (CFI)

The Cognitive Flexibility Inventory (CFI) is a self-report measure to monitor how often individuals engage in cognitive behavioral thought-challenging interventions. Cognitive flexibility enables people to think adaptively when encountering stressful life events, and it is a core skill that helps them avoid becoming stuck in maladaptive thinking patterns. (0423, assessment, cognitive flexibility, executive functioning)

Creating Lasting Adult Friendships

This worksheet emphasizes the importance of strong adult friendships for emotional and physical health.  It has 12 suggestions to build strong friendships followed by questions to help people reflect on the ways they make and keep friends.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to record the activities they undertake to foster friendships. (1222, relationships, friendships, loneliness, depression)

Learning Contentment – Mindfulness Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help people explore the meaning of contentment. (1122, mindfulness, happiness)

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