Creating Lasting Adult Friendships

This worksheet emphasizes the importance of strong adult friendships for emotional and physical health.  It has 12 suggestions to build strong friendships followed by questions to help people reflect on the ways they make and keep friends.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to record the activities they undertake to foster friendships. (1222, relationships, friendships, loneliness, depression)

Learning Contentment – Mindfulness Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help people explore the meaning of contentment. (1122, mindfulness, happiness)

Improving Your Self-Awareness

This worksheet is designed to help people increase their self-awareness which can help in emotional regulation and in social interactions.  A chart is provided to help people keep track of their thoughts and feelings as they encounter challenging situations. (0722, self-awareness, insight, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, relationships)

Increasing Self-Control by Strengthening Your “No-Go” Functioning

This worksheet has 9 strategies to help people develop self-control.  A chart is also provided to help people keep track of their “no-go” efforts.  (0422, impulse control, ADHD, addiction, compulsive behavior eating disorders)

Being Still – Mindfulness Worksheet

This Mindfulness Worksheet helps people learn to just be still.  It suggests mindful tasks to practice while being still and asks people to describe their reactions to being still. (0422, mindfulness, meditation, ADHD, anxiety, focus, multi-task)

Practicing the Triple-A Listening Technique to Improve Listening Skills

This worksheet describes a “Triple-A Technique” listening technique that involves:  Attitude, Attention, and Adjustment.  It includes a brief assessment to help people see if they have problems in listening and lists some basic active listening skills.  The worksheet includes a chart to help people practice this technique. (0322, communication, listening skills, ADHD, ASD, Asperger Syndrome)

Are You Self-Compassionate?

This worksheet is designed to help people evaluate how self-compassionate they are and how they can treat themselves difficulty tough times.   The scale measures self-compassion on a 100 point scale. (0122, self-compassion, depression, Bipolar, anxiety)

How to Stop Losing Things Using the 6-H Technique

This worksheet teaches people six techniques to overcome the problem of misplacing one’s belongings. The ideas are simple and practical.  A chart is given to help people evaluate how each strategy help them with items that are frequently lost or misplaced. (2021, ADHD, organization)

Do You Spend Too Much Time on Your Phone?

This worksheet describes the “symptoms” of phone addiction.  It provides a checklist of behaviors that might indicate a problem. It also eight suggests on how to become less dependent on a phone if it is interfering with other aspects of your life.  A chart is provided to help people develop a plan to decrease their phone dependence. (1221, phone addiction, addiction, relationships)

Building Your Confidence

This worksheet gives people ideas on how to improve their confidence by recognizing their skills and talents, understanding how a lack of confidence is holding them back, and creating a self-talk script. (1021)

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