Do You Attract Toxic Relationships?

This worksheet is intended to help people determine if toxic relationships are a problem for them and explore ways to address this pattern. A scorable checklist is included to rate the toxicity of the relationship from moderate to severe.  Then suggestions are given to help people break a pattern of being in toxic relationships. Readers are asked to think about how people from the past may have set the stage for toxic relationships. (marriage counseling, family therapy, relationships)

Coping with Anxiety About Having Sex

This worksheet addresses people who are anxious about having sex.  It begins by asking people to think about the causes of their anxiety, which could include body image problems, shame or guilt, pressure to have sex, past trauma, or other issues. The worksheet suggests topics to talk about with a partner and also specific activities to reduce anxiety before sex.  (0123, sex therapy, sexuality, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, relationships)

Recovering from Betrayal

This worksheet is designed to help people understand and get past the pain of betrayal in a relationship. Betrayal can come from infidelity, but also from breaking promises, lying, disclosing private and personal information, and more.  The worksheet explains 15 steps to get past the betrayal, from deciding whether or not to stay in the relationship to practicing forgiveness. (1122, relationships, infidelity, betrayal, marriage counseling, family therapy)

Relationship Violence Assessment

This form asks a series of questions to people who are experiencing relationship violence. The assessment goes into a great deal of detail about the specifics of the relationship and the potential for danger. (1022, domestic violence, spousal abuse)

Coping with Gaslighting

This worksheet gives people 10 strategies to deal with gaslighting, a form of emotional abuse designed to cause confusion and self-doubt.  A chart is included to help people evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques in dealing with these distressing relationships. (1022, marriage therapy, relationships)

Are You Experiencing Gaslighting in Your Relationship?

This worksheet helps people understand the concept of “gaslighting,” a process where someone deliberately and systematically gives someone false information leading them to question themselves and what is true. It explains the seven stages of gaslighting, from lies and exaggeration to domination and control.  The worksheet also gives people a chart to record incidents of gaslighting and to think about how the situations and the outcomes can change. (1022, marital and family therapy, relationships, interpersonal effectiveness)

Overcoming Emotional Neediness

This worksheet gives people a checklist to help them determine if they are emotionally needy.  There are a dozen strategies to help deal with this problem followed by questions to help people understand how neediness affects their relationships. (1022, relationships, neediness)

Coping with the Isolation Associated with an Abusive Relationship

This worksheet is designed for people whose abusive relationship has caused them to be socially isolated.  The worksheet explains how this commonly happens and then suggests activities for people to connect with people who can be supportive and understanding. (1022, abuse, relationships, marriage counseling)

How is Jealousy Affecting Your Life?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand how jealousy affects their relationships and what they can do to change self-destructive behaviors. (1022, jealousy, relationships, family therapy, marriage counseling)

Dealing with a Manipulative Family Member

This worksheet is intended to help people explore what it means to be manipulated by someone else and how to respond appropriately to manipulation. (0822, family therapy, relationships, control)

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