Using the 7 Cs to Manage Stress (Teen)

This worksheet describes 7 ways to manage stress.  It asks teens to make a mini-poster showing how they might use each coping technique.  (0822, coping, emotional regulation, stress)

Developing Your Happiness Intelligence

This worksheet presents a way to make happiness part of a person’s everyday life.  It presents more than two dozen activities that can contribute to a happier life, in categories like: supporting yourself, living in the present moment, and nurturing positive thoughts.  The worksheet includes a chart to help people record the effects of happiness activities. (0722, happiness, depression, content)

Your Wellness Checkup

The worksheet suggests that people do a wellness checkup in 8 areas of their life: safety and security, relationships, environment, mental health, cognitive health, physical health, community, and purpose. It provides a form for people to rate themselves in each area from “in crisis” to “doing great.”

Unload Your Problem Backpack (Kids and Teens)

This worksheet asks kids and teens to think about the problems, worries, and upsetting emotions that are “weighing them down.” It uses the metaphor of a Problem Background to help kids and teens identify the thoughts and feelings that are causing them problems and how to let them go. (0622 , depression, anxiety)

Your Life Playlists (Teens)

This worksheet can help teens use music to deal with stress and express their feelings. (0622, music therapy, emotional regulation)

Coping with Loneliness and Isolation in the LGBTQIA+ Community

This worksheet is designed to help people in the LGBTQIA+ community learn tools to deal with loneliness as a result of concealment of identity, minority stress, social isolation, and more.  The worksheet gives concrete suggestions on how to connect with others as well as how to deal with problems that are often associated with loneliness. (0622, loneliness, social isolation, LGBTQIA+)

Boosting Your Mood with Music (Mindfulness Worksheet)

This Mindfulness Worksheet challenges people to use music to boost their mood on seven consecutive days. A chart is given to for people to identify specific songs that help improve their mood. (0522, mindfulness, music therapy, emotions, emotional regulation)

Acceptance of Our Circumstances (Mindfulness)

This mindfulness worksheet helps people accept what happens to them in life, rather than dwelling on disappointment and resentment. (0322, mindfulness)

My Grief Rights (Teens)

The loss of a loved one creates a lot of confusion for teens, and they may not know how to act or even what to feel.  This worksheet reminds them that they have the right to all of their feelings surrounding their grief as well as behaviors which may not be exactly what others expect. The worksheet contains follow-up questions which are intended to help teens explore their feelings and develop healthy ways to cope with grief. (0222, teen, grief, loss, healing)

Using the T.I.P.P. Technique to Tolerate Distress

This worksheet describes the T.I.P.P. Technique used by advocates of DBT to deal with intense emotions. The acronym stands for:  Temperature, Intense Exercise, Paced Breathing, and Paired Muscle Relaxation.  A chart is included for clients to keep track of which technique is most helpful.  (0122, DBT, emotional regulation, emotions, grounding)